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FPS drop / Lag spikes

ODD 1 year ago • updated by SHOAIB (Moderator (EN)) 1 year ago 1

I'm getting constant lag spikes during battle. FPS is normally 60 but drops to 30-40 several times in a minute (game still shows 60 FPS, I used Fraps to check real FPS), and I miss my shots because of it.

It used to happen when I play 2-3 hours continuously, but since a month I can't play a single battle without facing this lag.

I did following things to reduce it:

- Closed all other programs

- Set game resolution and graphics to minimum

- Updated video drivers

- Tried playing after increasing and decreasing GPU clock & Memory clock

- Set windows to best performance

- Run CCleaner

- Hard disk defragment

- Put my CPU to open place and removed dust from fans (maybe graphics card is overheating)

But no, nothing changed. Still getting lag spikes...

In this video you can see lag when I returned flag.

After 4-5 battles it increases so much that I can't even drive my tank. 

Game logs after playing a laggy battle: