Late join REP-save removed/not working

techy 1 year ago • updated by Donald 1 year ago 1

That is ridiculous! Like it wasn't unfair already.

Basically: I joined TDM late, and literally two kills later the other team was dominating. Of course, I was the last one as I basically didn't even get a chance to shoot anyone. BUT I LOST NEAR 50 REP!! What the hell.

And it didn't happen just once. Oh, no.. Earlier I was late-joining a CTF while enemies were already leading 0-4 and I lost yet again 40+ rep.

I believe You messed up the system with the new "preparation" update as the issue wasn't that common before.

I know You will advise me to contact support but I don't really bother about that. All I want is that the 'late join' will get some rework so that it works 100% of the time.


I understand your frustration, we'll just have to be patient and wait until the system works as it's intended.