Weird Bugs been happening in Forum.

Almighty-Tank-GOD 1 year ago • updated 1 year ago 6

These are some of the weird problems happening in the Forum.

Loading a page or going into a post to view it takes a longer time in loading.

Sometimes  my private message does not work, as  in I cannot send messages.

Next when I click to post something it show me my recent post / text that I have to delete or clear before I can type a new post.

When I load my Profile account this happens (picture below). 

There is some strange Capital ----Â ----- Symbol appearing at almost everything in the forum posts Example, Read these and see:

Excellent thank you !!
Hope something urgent can be done about them all.


We're aware of this, it was probably a bug that occurred during the forums update. It's still in some posts, but should not reoccur in any new posts. :) 

Oh ok then, so you fixed which part ?
Because I still can't see my Profile Account.


The profile part is not fixed, but we're aware of it. As for the symbols part, I thought it was fixed but apparently not. :)

Yes YOU are right, hope everything will be alright. Still though good luck on fixing it.