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Player has left the battle notification/bug

ZAMRAN.RAFIQUE 2 years ago updated by deivanteg 2 years ago 8

hello.I had started playing when hydra season started (after few months) and in every single battle,i have this bug or problem on the right corner to the bottom''this player has left the battle"'...it's been over a week and still have this problem and it's annoying as it covers the display(lol)..idk why size of the image has changed so pls zoom in to  see properly.. i need some help. THANKS!

ps: i guess the answer would be try to reinstall but let's just ask here :P

don't worry dude I don't  think it bug , this issue happen just when you have lag in your internet because this happen to me just when i have lag in my internet but if your internet is good and don't have lag with it, may it bug in this Status .

i have been playing this game for over a year..nothing like this happened before..so it's not because of internet

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I have a similar problem.

Thanks for reporting as well. :)


I have the same problem. It happens pretty often.