Life Bar when healing with isida delayed

StealthMasterX 1 year ago • updated by O.S.A.N 9 months ago 13

When you heal a teammate their life bar is delayed until the bar is full it shows its full if you heal halfway its stays as it was 


Please post a video. :)


Yes I have same issue. :)


i have the same problem ..

Yes  i have also the same issue.....trust me please :(

Under review

All right, thanks for reporting everybody. Passed on!


i have this exact same issue


Yes, a fix is planned. :)

It is in aplanned state for nearly two-three months now i cannot use this turret with this bug. The game has been released and one of the turrets is useless.

I still have this problem, healing is an issue, it really makes it harder to use isida not knowing how close I am to healing fully.

Yeah you'de end up depleting your energy bar totally just to heal one tank that is presumed to have gained full health already moments ago instead of switching to another tank to heal it with the rest of the energy left.