Game crash and very weird tank bug

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I was playing area-159 and then that appeared, and he just kept re-spawning there the entire time. Although, he never really WAS there as you can see in the video. 

At least a minute after I finished recording this video, my game crashed. Would like to know what the actual cause of the crash was since I had one similar at least a day earlier.

Output Log:


(It says that my file is too big to preview, and I already tried google docs and pastebin. Sorry!)

Error.log (Just in case)


(Couldn't find any topic that had a bug similar to this. If there is one please link it)

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That's a big issue. A hack maybe? I'll report it and tell you guys when I have any news.

Sorry for the late reply, must not have noticed this topic for some reason. 


Fixed 2 days ago. :)