Not getting reputation points.

ODD 2 years ago updated by SHOAIB 1 year ago 26

I'm not getting anything from ranking play. An hour ago I played 4-5 ranking battles and didn't receive reputation points, MVP bonus and container score.

And players of the match isn't shown correctly.

Other players in my squad were getting points. 

I restarted game several times and played again, but same problem.

In this video you can see that I was MVP but didn't get MVP bonus.

Under review

This bug was fixed 5 days ago. This is weird.

It happened again at same time, around 22 UTC. In some ranking battles I didn't receive anything, then it got fixed itself.

What the hell... it's happening in every battle now, both Quick play and ranking. I'm not getting anything from battle. No charges, No reputation points, and probably no experience points.

still happens in every battle when being mvp. have to go for second now

It is fixed now.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but it just happened again to me. 

just got this bug again. Its not fixed.

Under review

Sorry to hear that.

And I'm facing this problem once again...

MVP is shown wrong and I'm not getting rep points.

A fix is planned, we'll just have to be patient. :)

It was for one day only. It's fixed now.

I hope this bug never comes back again.


Glad to hear!

same error here. it happened after I got to master league. Same screens after battle (Super_Tengen_...). I don't get cases, rating points, nor wins/loses, but I get battle count and expierence points. And I dropped to Gold league. I tried to play on other account - works well. Reseted client - didn't fixed the problem.

The same thing happend to me. The rewards after the battle are not given to me. No experience, no crystals, nothing. It started from when I was 599/600 of the bronze league and I actually won 3 battles after that, but it was stuck there so I basicly play battles for no rewards, for nothing.

it's back again. supertangan stealing my points again

it's persistent. so - once again - I cannot participate an event you hold due to bug

Under review

Sorry to hear that, under review.

Facing this bug again. In every season when I reach in Master league, this happens. In some battles I get points and in some do not.

Happening with some other players too.

This is another bug that causing me not to gain any rep or exp. After the battle was finished, it skipped the results page and went straight to garage where everything was scattered. This particular screenshot was from last week. But the same bug just happened today.

i am facing this too i won 7 battles and didn,t got the reward at the end i need my reputation points

Did it happen again in this(new) season?

No, not in current season.

It's probably fixed completely because they said so in TX News.