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Hey i got an issue going on to my TankiX Client, whenever i open it normal (doubble clicking on the icon) i can get into the game, and when i login it says that an unexpected error has occur.

And if i run it as an administator, this pops up, that the data folder is not found.

I couldnt find the TankiX tech supports email, so this is why i posted it here instead...
if someone knows how to fix this issue, please help me ;)

PS: I've tried to reinstall the client and i've tried to restart the game a few times, and i have restarted my pc a hundred times :/


Make a folder and put Tankix.exe and Tankix_data .. if it still the same .. delete the game abd data game and re-download tankix .. Good Luck 😉😊

dude u da best saved my day........ TY m8

I see you are running Windows XP, its no longer supported so i think you should update windows and try again. I have tested on Windows 8 and Windows 10, it works and detect data folder perfectly.

Also check the attributes of tankix_Data folder.

...this does NOT look like XP.

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