Player of the Match Messed Up

Nick_Fury2867 2 years ago • updated by Donald 2 years ago 12

This has happened three times to me in the past two days. After finishing a ranked battle the player of the match comes up as in the image below. Looking at the stats you can see something is messed up as it says there was 13, 665 flags delivered and returned. After clicking continue the results page is all in another language (I am assuming Russian) and I do not receive reputation points or blueprint points. However, I do seem to receive experience points that apply to my rank. I am sorry I do not have a screen shot of the results page. I will add one once it happens to me again.

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That is strange. 

It happened again, look below.

Just happened again. Here is what the results page looks like. If it helps any, I was the MVP of the winning team (Anteaus) on the Repin map (team deathmatch) when this happened just now. By the way, the rank it shows is not the rank I am at. My current rank is First Gefreiter. 

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Is it possible that you have the Russian version of the game installed?

I'm actually not sure if that would matter, but who knows :P


Possibly, but everything else is in English, so I don't think so. I will try reinstalling and see if that helps.

Here is a video of the issue if it helps anything. This happened on the Repin map after a fresh install of the English version of the game. 


It has been fixed already. Can you confirm if the problem persists at your end?

It isn't fixed. It's happening with me right now, in ranking battle.

Please post screenshots or a video.

Just happened again. Once again, I was on the winning team on a Repin battle. 

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Sorry to hear that. Under review again.