Gold Box glitch (not falling & not collectable)

techy 2 years ago • updated 1 year ago 12

The Gold Box does not fall, instead, it appears on the ground. 

Player won't be able to collect the box if they are in the drop zone and the box appears inside themselves. 

Happened to me today and I got really frustrated. The gold box was inside me but it didn't collect. After like 10 seconds someone managed to push me out and collect it themselves.

On which map?

Under review

All right, will check if it's meant to be that way.  As for the not collecting part: that could be lag. 

By the way, do you have a video of the incident? If so, please upload it on Youtube and then post the link here.

Sadly, no, I do not have a video. 

About not collecting, I really don't think it was lag. If I were to guess, supplies are to be collected when making a contact not when having a contact. And as the gold box spawned already inside my tank there was no "making contact" because the contact already existed. Probably if I were to move away from the box and then were to collect it It would've worked.

Also, if Gold Box is supposed to appear on the ground instead of drop, I'd prefer the dropping one.

Not a bug

I've been informed that gold boxes are supposed to just appear instead of drop, in this map. As for the not being able to collect it part: I'll just have to assume it was a one time issue(ex. lag).  If you experience the same issue again, please record a video and post it here or in a new topic! :) 

Hey! So it happened again and this time I managed to record it.

This is clearly not a one-time issue. I'm confident the same thing happens with other suppy boxes aswell (the ones that just appear). Haven't tried it out yet but You can try in Repin with the 2 speed boost boxes between 2 bases.

when you stand right on the spot where the gold box or any other supply (!) is spawned, you do not collect it automatically. Instead you have to leave the spot and go back to it to get it. I think this is intended and no bug... at least it's always been like that from the beginning

The reason it's always been like this is that nobody has brought attention to it. And the purpose of this thread is to have it changed because currently, it makes no sense whatsoever.

Under review

Nekromaniac is right, but I'll report it anyway. I'll let you guys know what their answer is. :)


Happy to inform you guys that a fix is planned. :)

Please fix it ASAP! My whole team just lost a match because of the same issue, believe it or not.

I always thought it was supposed to be this way