Graphics Glitch?

jarjarpro 3 years ago • updated by Aiastesi 3 years ago 4

The circled region is currently dark. But when I rotate my turret a little bit, it becomes well lit. I'm pretty sure this is not a good thing since the area around the house is also dark which means it isn't shading. Hope you can improve the game :)

Exactly same glitch with no flags visible.

After a few minutes of gameply, "An error occured" message pops up and game needs to either quit or restart.

Also, I can run TO at 60 fps full settings, but very high graphics of TX don't even allow me to play beyond medium.

I guess higher optimization is really required.

i have the same although i play on the highest settings

I get this prob and i on very low where when spawn whats meant to be a ghost of my tank its like fully black it happens often but not all the time pls help