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Use of spider mine causes a 3 seconds laag in game

liontigerleopard 1 year ago • updated by alsala-azhell 1 year ago 23

Every time i drop a spider mine, I have a huge 3 seconds lag which is really annoying.

I'm pretty sure its not the fault of my computer nor the internet.

CPU : intel core 15 - 6400

RAM : 8 gb

Graphics : Nvidia Geforce GTX 750 Ti 2gb

Connectivity : 30 mbps speed

I tried even with low graphic settings, but still same lag.


Hi! Please post a video of this issue. :)

I got the same issue. Also tryed lowest settings, windowed mode, half resolution. Nothing works. It happens not only when i drop spider mine but also if anyone else near me drops it. Wanted to make new question about this. How to fix this?

My PC specs:

CPU: AMD FX-8120 8 core

GPU-AMD Radeon r7 240 2gb


Connectivity- 20-50mbps

I've noticed that quite a lot of people have this issue. Somebody needs to post a video, and then the developers can review this bug(?) and figure out a way to fix it. 

Why there is needed a video? Nothing special happens there that is not possible to describe in words. When you try to place mine you hear mine sound when it is getting placed then all game frozes completely for 3 seconds. All sounds or actions completely stops and everything is silent. And if you were driving or turning in any way while your game was frozen it kept driving or turning that way anyway. For example you were turning your turret left and then placed a mine and let down your turning key, then after that 3s lag your turret is already 180 or more degree away from its previous position even if you let down your key immediately after lag started.

I get your point, but we still need a video.

I recorded 5 videos each about 3-5s long. Where can i send them?

Upload them on Youtube and then post the link(s) here. :) 

After you are done with analizing them or sharing with your team please tell me so i can remove them. Good luck finding solution! 

Under review

Thanks mate. Please don't remove the videos. :)

You're welcome. The thing is that i couldn't record when there was like 2-3s lag. It just never happened that long exactly when i needed it the most :D. In these video it was not that huge as it happens usually. As i noticet when i just open game these lags are very small, but when i play a bit longer they become very long and annoying. When i make custom game and play there with my friend and place spider mine i have no lag at all at any time but in matches where are going a lot of thing like explosions from turrets or multiple players placings spider mines at the same time or using other modules then lag is 3-4 times longer than in these videos.

Sorry to hear that. Hopefully it will be fixed soon!

Hi Donald!,

                  Just now saw your reply. Nice to see users participating actively in beta testing.

Well I needed some time as i needed to buy the Nvidia Recorded and the video is just up. You see every time i place a spider mine, I get a 2-3 seconds lag. I actually just freshly installed Tanki X  again from the official website, thinking that my game files maybe outdated.

The video uploaded is from the newly installed software an hour ago. Still I get the same problem. This is seriously something that need to be checked.

Spider mines!, A totally different concept from the legendary Tanki Online. Hoping it is something great, this kind of lag makes it more dis-loving. It is even more annoying when i'm stuck in between enemies and am forced to use them ending up destroyed without knowing what just happened.

So please check this and i hope i had opened a new thread of bug.

I will post video for the other bug of the new module addition crash soon as i don't have any hull or turret that can receive the new module slot soon, as i said i had freshly installing new Tanki X spending a lot of money, as i have a metered internet connection(i'm not so rich you know).



Hi! Thank you for also posting a video. Sadly, it seems to be an issue that many players experience. I've passed it on and will let you guys know as soon as I have any news regarding this bug/issue!

Waiting to hear a good news!


Happy to inform that the issue was fixed today! If you(or anybody else) still experience the issue, please report here. 

This bug actually is still happening  and it's still there(maybe only for me). The lag shrung from 1-3s to like 0.5-2s. There is still needed a bit investigating why it is happening...


Will there ever be any matchmaking improvements? Because it's really depressing to play every single ranked or quick play against players with 50-101 levels when i have like lvl 22. They just have so much more advanced modules that it's just impossible to even kill a single one of them.

I totally agree with your PS.  I've been there, done that and have pictures to prove it, although it's not always the 50-101 levels that have the advanced modules.  I've seen Novice Cadets and Novice Aspirants, etc., with high modules.  READ SPENDERS, but unfortunately that is the nature of the game now.

Yes and sometimes lvl 70 in my team is with score 0/15 when other in enemy team with lvl 25 is top fragger... -__-


Yeah, I've seen similar stuff, but I guess all we can do right now is whine and complain to each other here, hope the 'powers that be" hear us, and wait for something to happen.

As they say in American war movies, "Roger, Wilco, Over and Out".

Maybe see you on the battlefield.

I am agree with Deivanteg, the bug is still existing, fortunately less powerful then was before.

Under review

All right guys, I'll put it under review again.

Yes this spider mine bug is hapening to me as well. It doesn't happen every day but it happens every now and then. When this happens to me it is also a 2-3 second lag spike.

can confirm it's still an issue. the game pauses for anything from 3  - 5 seconds. same thing happens with turret drone.