Deserter status after leaving one battle

YaBoiDark 2 years ago • updated by SHOAIB (Moderator (EN)) 1 year ago 6

me and my friend were playing tanki x in a squad and had to leave so we abandoned the battle then came back 30 mins later and joined a match, about half way through the match we both got kicked with the error "Fail to join battle error" we then both got the deserter status and cant join any battle. ik that when you get the deserter status you can only play with deserters but we cant even do that. when we click on the quick play or anything nothing happens.i thought u had to desert 2-3 battles before getting the deserter status but we got it after just one.i also got demoted from silver league to bronze league


If you're still unable to join any battles, please post the game logs. As for the deserter status, I can't help you get rid of that, sorry.

i still cannot join any battle here is the link to the log 


Have you tried running the game as administrator?

yes still the same thing, the only battles i can join are coustem battle made by myself. but when i make a battle i cant leave the battle lobby

i just installed tanki x on my moms pc and logged into my account and even on another computer i cant join a battle