New Interface - New bugs

f.i.n.l.s.h.e.r 2 years ago updated by Donald 2 years ago 4
  • Self destruction. Multiple time (10-12 times) in the same battle over and over.
  • Game crashes. Since the last update the game has been crashing so frequently. Due which which i lose my 1st place in battles and rep points + teleports.
  • Damage not counted: My health is low and so is the enemies. The enemy fires first and kills me. But before I get destroyed, i had fired which made contact with him, but that damage is not taken into account. Happened multiple times.
  • Module: When changing modules, when you drag on of them, the game crashes and it requires me to restart the game.Even afterwards the same thing happens.


It sounds like you have a bad internet connection and maybe some issues with the game. Please post the game logs and your speed test result. 

54 mb/s looks good. I don't think internet is the problem

GAME LOGS- .https://pastebin.com/cAX9H6rE

I've not had these many crashes before the last update.After this new one, i seem to get lot more.


If that is your normal connection, then you're right: internet isn't the problem. Maybe a clean install of the game would help. Delete the game and the entire folder, and then reinstall.

Please let me know whether the issue is fixed or not :)