biggest bug

gibbnata 1 year ago • updated by SuspiciousImage 1 year ago 3

now there is just a simple problem. You guys may have seen that i have not been playing tanki x for a bit of time, because of just 1 problem. the problem is that whenever i get into a battle, something gets to be getting wrong with my turret and it does unlimited kills and has so much power than usual. something is wrong. i need your help guys. the games is messed up. please help. reply me back on ali.farqaleed@gmail.com   on gmail.com.  thank u guys!

and even my cuzens and friends are also having this problem!


Please record a short video, upload it to YouTube and paste the link here, so we will have a better understanding about the problem you are facing.


Not gonna lie, but this post seems like a bait to scam people. 'Unlimited kills' "replying to his gmail".