can not login into steam

SiegeBreaker42 1 year ago • updated by SHOAIB (Moderator (EN)) 1 year ago 2

Hi, I currently have Tanki X downloaded on two machines in my house, both on steam. I can not, I swear, login as anyone else except as my profile on steam. It's like that it just clicked register with steam and now I can't login as anyone else! I will tell you a little more about my situation, so that we can also delete this new account.

My dad has a steam account, until recently, I have been playing on his. But now I have my own! So after logging in as nukemeslow (My dads account) on this new computer, it made a new tanki x account, and wont allow anyone else login. I want to play as my account, and this machine made a account that no one will play on. So I have two requests. How do we get past this issue? and how do we delete this new account? No one wants it, unless it disappears.

Please help.

Here to add something else. When I tried to log in with my steam account, SiegeBreaker42 (I like this name don't judge me ) I went to Tanki X, clicked play, and I thought that with this nickname already taken, it would just let me login. Nope! instead it made a new account, Player something or whatever. why can't I login via steam on this new computer?