Too slow loading

BlueDragon007 3 years ago • updated by evanjohny 3 years ago 2

Since the last update, it took me about 10 minutes to load the game and enter in the garage and I have a few crashes, but the thing is that the game was loading so slow that I lost my nerves while trying to enter in the battle. Could it be the serves fault since I'm in Europe and all?

correct loading takes ages , like why would you download a game and have to wait few minutes to load , I tried TankiX with my i3 , intel HD graphics loading crashes , when using the i7 and nvidia GT820M loading still low but a bit better

same here ,i guess that battles aren't included in the package and so does everything else and we need to load and download that files before playing ...i guess it would be better if all that things where included somehow (if they aren't already) in the downloaded file.and except the loading my pc was lagging too , although i got good graphics and i set game graphics to low