bugs found and a major bug that needs to be fixed right away

starace180 3 years ago • updated by CANADA_EH 3 years ago 1

this is egrocks57 and i found bugs while playing on my brothers account starace180

  1. sometimes does not respond and goes white and box shows up saying close program or wait for program to respond.
  2. lots of lag on some maps)for me it is massacre and for others it is rio
  3. sometimes tank does not show up after you die or come into battle
  4. sometimes camera infront of hull to where you cant see hull especially for dictator when you die or come into battle.
  5. lag starts a little, then alot more and then to where you do not know what is happening. lag a little when you come into battle and increases the longer you play or lots of lag when you enter battle with alot of people.
  6. if your ricochet blast bounces back and hits you it causes damage

i will tell you more bugs once more research is done. The major bug is being researched on 6/6/16.

game exits out by itself while loading( the first one)

Most of it sounds like growing pains in the game. Hopefully things will get better as they fine tune the game.

That's part of how ricochet works, it can cause self damage. It works the same way in Tanki Online.

It would take longer than if you were using Thunder, but you could destroy yourself eventually.

Go fire it against a wall so it bounces back at you, and see what happens.