Is it a bug, or can we just call it the "L" graphics?

matthijskik 3 years ago • updated by SHOAIB (Moderator (EN)) 2 years ago 8

Hey all,

Today I was just playing around in Tanki X, with some random people.

Something funny happened, so I said "lol" in the chat.

But at the moment I pressed the "L" button, my graphics changed terribly!

I did some testing with it, and this is what I found that changes by pressing L;

1. The graphics.

2. The water.

3. The 'death tank'.

4. The spawning tank.

5. The drop zones.

6. The windows.

Instead of just giving an entire explanation, I decided to just show some before/after pics.

1. I wanna start with 1 picture that gives you an idea how it looks like when pressed L.

(left: before, right: after)

2. The water

(left(bottom): before, (upper)right: after)

3. The 'death tank'

(left: before, right: after)

Instead of the burning, volcano-ish tank, you will become completely gray.

4. The spawning tank

(left: before, right: after)

Not transparent, just black!

5. The drop zones

(top: before, bottom: after)

The drop zones just completely dissapear. Aswell for the flags, but I'm too lazy to take another picture :3

6. The windows

(left: after, right: before)
All the shiny stuff is gone.

I'm not sure, but I think that it's a bug/glitch. This is the first day I noticed this btw.

If you find any other changes, pls let me know. You can always change everything back with pressing L again, and it won't affect the home/garage screen.




Maybe for those, who cant run those good grapics?

I can run it better with it.

My garage doesn't show the actual tank. Just a hologram-like form of it.

Let's call them the "L" graphics!

It was a bug, and it has already been taken down :P

It used to happen to see too, but without pressing the 'L' key. Probably now it has stopped.

well then what can we call this?

the "thermal Treads"? seriously this has been bothering me for a while anyone know why this happends and how i can fix this?

This post isnt even related



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