THE NEW UPDATE,suggestion and freeze damage

bulletproofgangster 2 years ago • updated by SHOAIB (Moderator (EN)) 1 year ago 3

I got a serious problem with this new update.First is that nerfing vulcan is not a good update i hate it other vulcan users hate it and hope that this suggestion will make developers  change a little bit about vulcan.I want you guys to increase the damage of vulcan to 200 or decrease the amount of damage done by overheating.because its insane and bring temperature modual back like before because it was doing its job just like you created it and now it can't even do its job especially againts firebirds.Please vulcan was barely trying to destroy hullsor even damage it.  also this update is taking forever to happen my tanki x update bar is like taking soo long to happen.Also freeze does alot of damage it destroys wasp and hornet and medium hulls like in 3 seconds.And it does 600 damage per sec as i saw in my game.Hope you guys listen to me and other vulcan user players

i say, don't. it's kinda ok as it is, but agree Freeze is kinda too OP, but since we're talking about Wasp (the weakest hull in game), that should be normal for Wasp to die so easy

I agree that Freeze is too strong and needs balancing, for other matters, I can't answer.

I'd suggest you to post your feedback about the update on the respective forum topic.