Matchmaking and weapon balances

Raihan_Depok 2 years ago updated 2 years ago 0


Currently why there are only Sandbox and Area 159 is available for playing (on both ranking and quick battle)? Please bring back Silence, Rio, Kungur, etc. because this is just getting ridiculous that melee weapons are getting advantage of this. Also for designing a new map, please be an open wide map so the long range weapons have the adavantage.

And also the squad idea is cool, but it's just become a scary team when they able to coordinate and smartly play on a battle like an entire enemy of a same weapon and togetherly helping each other devastating your team. I'm not saying you should remove them, but disallow squad for Ranking Battle because it's annoying keep losing to squad-ed team for just only losing many ranking points

Weapon balances

Speaking of that, the melee weapons are okay, but again the map rotation make them overpowered.

For the short range weapons are also okay, but for Ricochet it lacks the auto-ricochet elevation where it will automatically detect an enemy below or above it but can be hit with the ricochet-ing effect, unlike it does in Tanki Online.

Medium range weapons also alright. Smoky doesn't need any changes, Thunder needs to fix it's splashing glitch, where it still can damage you even behind an obstacle (a wall or even a force field, though I don't know if this is intended). Vulcan needs buff, it's one of the weakest weapon out there. It's really hard to play it consider it's DPS isn't as high as it's supposed to be, maybe add 20% or 30% more damage. But again this is probably because the map rotation restricts this weapon to be useful with small open spaces and many obstacles.

Long range weapons to me is considered the worst one. Railgun has become nothing but just another version of Thunder, trading it's splash with high range and piercing effect. I missed the old railgun where you can almost crippled a light hull in one shot, but takes ages to reload. I think it should be made like that. Shaft doesn't need explanation, it's the worst turret ever. The reason is that it's damage is very inconsistent/pure RNG, unlike in Tanki Online where the damage parameter is literally only based on the power-charging, when fulled, did astronomical damage. It should do enough damage to even one shot a medium hull. And again these problem's is because the horrible map rotation we get currently adavantaging the melee weapon.