game doesnt open

DriceoE 2 years ago • updated by SHOAIB (Moderator (EN)) 2 years ago 10

after the update it stop entering, just gets stuck on load then freezes

Sorry to hear that. Please provide the game logs.

i really dont get it, it was working fine, then update came = Broken -.-


Judging from your log, it seems the client was fetching resources from the server and you forcibly quit the game by pressing Alt + F4.

Can you describe your problem in detail please?

it starts up with that gear spining and all, then stops and darkens the screen and freezes that way. i did let it stay like that for awhile to see if was just slow loading, but after 30min i shut it cause no diffrence.

i saw the links in the log and downloaded them manually to see if it made a difference, but no. Just the the log chenged and doesnt have the links anymore, new log https://pastebin.com/a9H8tZW1

Is the problem fixed now?

yes now somehow i am playing tru steam, hope it stays that way xD