Why am i not allowed to play Tanki x even though i am registered and invited to tanki x

RAK_Proffesionals 3 years ago • updated by FightUntilTheEnd 3 years ago 4

There was no issues when i started Tanki x. after a long time, when i launch the game, the loading screen hangs up at the end of the loading bar. can anyone me. Thanks.

and one more thing.. the loading bar is too slow, and whenever it updates,it updates okay, but then it takes time. so i minmize the window and do other stuff. and then whenever i see if it has loaded up or not,it hangs up right at the ending. help please.Thanks for reading

Try reinstalling it

Set your grapics to; Very low yeah i know its bad grapics but if your PC cant handle it then you will need to do this to play the game