how do you view someone's profile

runningguineapig 2 years ago • updated 2 years ago 4

You used to be able to type the nickname in the box in the friends list, but that doesn't work for me now.

Any suggestions???


You can make a friend request, after doing so scroll to the bottom of the friends list and the player's name will be there so you can right click and view profile.

Thank you.  That's fine if you want to friend someone, but if you don't wish to friend them, then what?

Prior to the last couple of updates, you could just click on the friends button and then type in someone's name and it would show up.  Then you could click "view profile".

I can only assume this will be a feature in the future and profiles have been discussed before (other than already being there before). However for now you might as well just request friend, view profile, then delete the request.

Thanks, I did just that, and it worked.

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