Introducing new destruction animation

G-Force 3 years ago • updated by Gamegod101 3 years ago 2

Hey i just thought about this one.

When a tank gets destroyed, turret flies of and vehicle catches fire. It's good. No bugs.

How about we add something like during explosion, the tank tracks also break apart and fall?

Hope this Idea helps.

Trust me, it should look nice.

you know how the tank overturnes sometimes? i dont like that...i think the animation shuld be like world of Tanks where the tank has sparks come from it and the gun points downward. i think there should be smoke and fire but not the tank being flipped...(maybe only on the light tanks, but definitley NOT the heavies, ya know?) its weird how a super big, heavy tank like a mammoth can be flipped by a little smoky gun...