Tanki X opening error.

HAVVK3Y3 3 years ago • updated by Darren4Turbo 3 years ago 4

Hello everyone. I desperately want to play Tanki X so please help me.

This is what I had posted on the tanki online site as I was not able to create an account.


I really want to play but I cant even sign up. I have the invitation code and everything.

As soon as I click on tanki.exe it opens a tankix configuration dialogue on which I press play.

Then It opens a black screen that fades into this.

Please help.

Some helpful people told me to run it as an administrator, and it worked but, while it was loading it stopped responding and force quit itself. Same problem(screenshot) ever since. Please help.

It's most probably because the server is under maintenance. Just wait for Tanki X to open.

He has been unable to sign in while others are playing.

Did you try reinstalling the client?