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Error when trying to start the game ''An unexpected error has occured''

Mr.PerfectKiller 3 years ago • updated by akalii 2 years ago 53

So when I try to start the game there comes black screen and in left up is arrow back and when you press that the error comes. But if you wait nothing happens. So does this mean that servers are down or do I have a problem with the game?

Thanks for help.



The game won't load

shivam400 3 years ago • updated by SHOAIB (Moderator (EN)) 2 years ago 64

my problem:

it dosent load i wait for 2 hours but nothing

a mod told me to give some code to you in pastebin so heres it:


Game is not working on Mac

Nestesium 9 months ago • updated by SHOAIB (Moderator (EN)) 3 months ago 99

My Mac OS X client has an unexpected error after the release of the rarity update today. 


Good News
Tanki X is back on Mac OS.

Fire At Will!


Error "no connection to server"

DMaster-Destruidor 3 years ago • updated by SHOAIB (Moderator (EN)) 2 years ago 28

when i click in to play takes a while charging, then the error appears "no connection to server"




Please re-give xp capturing flag

ORION 2 years ago • updated by Gpo2001 2 years ago 10

No one else is playing CTF battles, only TDM and DM battles exist now. We have 100 ranks in the tanki x, there is no way to play just killing to win XP. It makes no sense playing CTF battles now.


The Game is crashing and i haven't played it yet i need your help and where should i send this report???​

II.LEGEND.II 3 years ago • updated by SHOAIB (Moderator (EN)) 3 years ago 22

The Game is crashing and i haven't played it yet i need your help and where should i send this report???


Tanki X additional data download problem

DamnSlow 3 years ago • updated by SHOAIB (Moderator (EN)) 2 years ago 33

ever since the quest was announced i m eager to play tanki X again. But the problem is tanki X now requires quite a large data dowNload on first launch. I belong to a small city iN india the best speed I get is 512kBps, (don't tell me to change my isp there isn't any alternative). Since my internet speed is slow and the file size is large (guessing from the size of temp folder of unity) it always gets reset connection or connection closed. I never got past that screen after massacre was introduced. After connection reset the data is again downloaded from scratch leaving me frustrated. I see some URLs in logs with file like m08_hfisks can I download them directly via my download manager cause it support resume download on connection error. If yes how to extract these files? I really wanna try tanki X. If dev can help me with a direct link of data that I can download from my download manager....



Not a bug

Unable to join battles

Gunnerskale_777 3 years ago • updated by SHOAIB (Moderator (EN)) 2 years ago 45

I cannot join any battles, as soon as I click the 'PLAY' button it just grey and I can't click it. I was however able to join battles earlier...

Under review

Gold Box symbol should be made more visible.

shashank2102x 3 years ago • updated by SHOAIB (Moderator (EN)) 2 years ago 15

I have missed couple of gold boxes in the past few weeks. By i missed it i mean i did not even know that it was coming, because of the tiny announcement. For example today when i was in sniper mode on shat and when i pointed it near my flag, I saw the gold drop and i just felt how come i missed it. I miss it especially when i play without sound but i think something had to be done to make it stand out.


LOAD BUG - Loading sticks in the end, no crash but soon says "connection from the server lost".

Graffito 3 years ago • updated by Lugiaqueen12 3 years ago 22

I had opened Tanki X quite a lot of times earlier but after updating the client, the loading sticks in the end. The rest of it loads at lightning speed.


Delete the existing client and download the latest one from here:
The game data is about 2GB in size so it will take a lot of time to download.